NICE Guideline (NG51)- Sepsis: recognition, diagnosis and early management

Updated in September 2017 NICE have produced guidelines on sepsis including:
•Recommendations on identifying and assessing people with suspected sepsis, risk factors and risk stratification for sepsis and managing suspected sepsis in acute hospital settings and out of hospital
•Tools and resources to help put the guidance into practice
•Information for the public.

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London Scientists unveil new sepsis detection device

Scientists at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine have developed a device that will detect potentially deadly, infectious diseases within hours of taking blood samples.

The device may help to save lives by reducing the time taken by current lab tests.

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Time to Treatment and Mortality during Mandated Emergency Care for Sepsis

New England Journal of Medicine May 21 2017

In 2013, New York began requiring hospitals to follow protocols for the early identification and treatment of sepsis. However, there is controversy about whether more rapid treatment of sepsis improves outcomes in patients. The article concludes that a more rapid completion of a 3-hour bundle of sepsis care and rapid administration of antibiotics, but not rapid completion of an initial bolus of intravenous fluids, were associated with lower risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality

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