Welsh hospital rolls out sepsis engagement initiative

Nursing Times  June 6 2017

A team of “champions” is being enlisted across Morriston Hospital, as part of a new campaign highlighting sepsis that also includes mandatory training and an updated screening tool.

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Improving sepsis management in a community hospital

Academy of Fabulous Stuff 23rd April 2017

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust Crawley Hospital devised a teaching session for their Community Hospital Wards, covering identification of Sepsis including National Early Warning Score (NEWS), Sepsis Pathway implementation, and SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Response) which is used as a guide to handing over between services including to Paramedic Crews.

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Hampshire Hospitals doctor becomes National Clinical Sepsis Advisor

NHS Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (10th April 2017)

A Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust doctor will play a key role in improving how sepsis is managed across the country after being appointed as the National Clinical Sepsis Advisor.

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